A Blast From the Past

Throughout this course I  expected to learn a lot and expand and get out of my comfort zone. With the class coming to an end I feel I have done that and so much more. I think throughout the class I learned several different skills to produce different types of media and I’m comfortable with editing and writing articles. I am now more comfortable with looking at other social medias and being able to identify effective forms of media.

With this class some skills I have picked up are learning more about AP style and being able to use it correctly. I also have become more comfortable all around with social media. I think in my future this will be a class I can look back on and refer to, especially with photography and videoing.

I think the assignment I enjoyed the most was the videoing assignment. I thought this project was really fun and challenging. This assignment boosted creativity and we could work in a team so we were able to bounce ideas off of each other to get the best end product. One assignment I personally didn’t care for was the social media critique. I feel like we subconsciously critique media everyday and we all have a basic understanding of if a company is doing a good job or not with their social media, so to me it felt redundant.

If I could go back to give myself advice, I would tell myself to not procrastinate because you will be stressed and rushed every time you submit your post.

Overall I really enjoyed this class and I learned a lot that I will be able to use in my near future.

Our Western Roots Run Deep

Cheyenne Frontier Days Miss Frontier Emily Breeden and Lady in Waiting Halley Jankovsky at the St. Patrick’s day parade in Denver, Co.


This video assignment takes a behind the scenes look at the preparations for the 2018 Cheyenne Frontier Days Coronation Ball. Since 1897 the Daddy of ‘Em all has been the World’s largest outdoor rodeo. This year we will be the 121st  celebration of Cheyenne Frontier Days. The Daddy may have started as a cowboy roundup to test their skills but today it’s about tradition, competition and buckskins. With the 2018 Cheyenne Frontier Days Coronation Ball just around the corner, we followed Miss Frontier 2018 Emily Breeden as she and her Lady in Waiting Halley Jankovsky  get ready for a photo shoot. The photo shoot took place at Emily’s house in Carpenter, WY. The Coronation Ball is a celebration to celebrate the current Miss Frontier as well and all the past Miss Frontier’s, this is another way to showcase the timeless buckskins that have come before.


I really enjoyed this project! I thought it was a good way for us to get creative and to showcase everything we have learned. I personally liked editing the video, it was a bit of a challenge to get different audio section to play and different clips to merge together but I liked the challenge. One thing I didn’t really care for was videoing, I felt awkward being close to their face because when you zoom in it became blurry, so you had to get close. I could tell that it was uncomfortable for them as well but they were troopers.

Something Different:

One thing that surprised me about this project is that editing in iMovie is a lot harder than I had originally anticipated. There’s only so much you can do on a phone to create a video, I think next time I would rather finish the video on a computer.

My Future:

In the future I can see myself videoing from time to time working in Public Relations. Having taken this class and working with video has prepared me for having to edit my own materials in the future. I know I’m not perfect at it but with the help of this class and learning different tips and tricks I know I can succeed in the future.

Murdoch’s and Tractor Supply Co.


I come from a farming background and personally my family visits Murdoch’s and Tractor Supply Co. almost weekly for feed, brushes, bottles and so many other things to keep our animals happy and healthy. For this blog post I will compare these two organizations’ social media accounts to learn about effective and ineffective use of social media, and I figured since I am familiar with both organizations this would be beneficial to me.


Specifically looking at each of their homepages I notice right away that Murdoch’s has more pictures of people enjoying their products while Tractor Supply Co. has more pictures of just the products themselves. I think the homepage of any business should we welcoming and you should see pictures of more than just the products, this is something I think Tractor Supply Co. could improve on.


Murdoch’s has a very interactive Facebook, between the company posting promotional sales and the added pictures of customers animals that come into the store they have a well balanced Facebook. I think it is important for businesses to not only include sales but to also showcase customers as well because the customers are the people spending money to keep the organization running. Another thing I noticed with Murdoch’s Facebook is that they aren’t posting something everyday, they have periods when they will post two or three days in a row and then noting for four or five days, I think this is something Murdoch’s could improve upon and if they post something at least once a day they will continue to be relevant on customers own Facebook pages

While Murdoch’s may lack in posting everyday, Tractor Supply Co. is pretty consistent in posting something to Facebook everyday.  One thing that Tractor Supply Co. is continuously posting about is their chicks and when they are getting new ones in and different sales they have that are correlated with the chicks. Another unique feature on Tractor Supply Co.’s home Facebook page is that they have an “Our Story” box on the right side of the screen that you can click on to learn more about the organization. This section gives a little background of the store, business hours and also lets customers know they can bring their animals into the store.


Looking at their Twitter accounts neither of the organizations are very active on them. In fact, Tractor Supply Co. has a Twitter account but they have not posted or retweeted anything. Murdoch’s on the other hand has an account and they have tweeted and retweeted a few things but it seems to me that they don’t use it all that often, the last time they used the account was the end of March and we are half way through April. I think both organizations are missing opportunities to reach different individuals by not using Twitter to their advantage.


Murdoch’s Instagram is pretty similar to their Facebook. They do have a few promotional posts about new items in the store but most of the pictures are of customers animals that come into the store to shop. I think one thing they should consider is allowing employees to “take over” Instagram for  a week to showcase a little bit more of what the store has to offer, it also gives a different perspective to the Instagram.

Tractor Supply’s Instagram has more going on and they post something everyday which keeps them relevant on other Instagram feeds. They seem to post a lot about promotional items, like right now they have the chicks in the store so they are capitalizing on it and boosting the appearance of the chicks.  One thing I noticed on the top of their Instagram is they have a hashtag #LifeOutHere that people can use to have a chance to be featured on their page.


Both organizations have very active Pinterest pages. Murdoch’s and Tractor Supply Co. have organized pages, each board is labeled and  full of ideas for consumers to explore. Both organizations have a lot to offer through Pinterest and they have each board set up for individuals to follow just the board or the organization as a whole.


Up to this point neither of the organizations have a Snapchat however, Murdoch’s is trying to start a Snapchat for the company. This goes back to our discussion in class with Jessica Romero from  Laramie Main Street Alliance about Snapchat and its hard for businesses to have an impact on the community using Snapchat simply because only one person can be posting at a time.


Murdoch’s and Tractor Supply Co. both have LinkedIn accounts however, neither of the organizations are very active on their accounts. Tractor Supply Co. is a little bit more active but they haven’t posted anything in over four months. Both organizations have “About us” on the homepage which is the first thing you see and I think that’s important to onlookers so they can get a better feel for the company and what they have to offer.

Making Our Way to the Thorne Cup…

With the 2017 -2018 junior hockey season coming to an end for those that didn’t make it, everyone’s gear bags are packed, sticks are wrapped.  For those heading on to the Thorne Cup it is just a few more games away.  The Thorne Cup is the Stanley Cup of the WSHL – Western States Hockey League.  To win the Thorne Cup in this junior hockey league is a journey of 51 games to the play-offs.  For a high school hockey player looking to join a junior league this is the journey you will take in the WSHL.

The WSHL is made of four divisions; Western division, Northwest divisions, Mountain division and the Mid-Western division, 22 teams all located west of the Mississippi.  The road to the Thorne Cup takes each of these teams to several states across the western states.

This journey is not taken lightly by the teams in the league.  It is such an honor to be able to make it to the Thorne Cup, each coach sets up his team early in the season by scouting for players from the United States and a variety of other countries; Russia, Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Finland.  Once the team is set they start their journey to the Thorne Cup.

One team in particular has fought their way from the middle of the pack in their division from the prior year to being a leader in their division in the road to the Thorne Cup.  The team I am referring to is the Oklahoma City Jr. Blazers. For those of you that follow the Blazers here’s a map of their travels from this season.

The Oklahoma City Jr. Blazers have traveled to six away three game series and 28 home games this hockey season . Out of the 51 games played this season, they have won 42 games.  This has left them in second place in the mid-western division.  Securing them a spot for the Thorne Cup.

As a player, what does it mean to make it to the Thorne Cup?

Lets take a closer look into the life of one of the Oklahoma City Blazers players.  Number 22 – Travis Hudek joined the Oklahoma City Blazers this year and he hails from Anoka, Minnesota.   Hudek started playing hockey at the age of four and has never looked back.  This year was his second in the junior league.  He has signed with and will be advancing to St. Mary’s University a D-3 college o play next year.

Picture taken by the Oklahoma City Jr. Blazers Booster club during the Wichita Thunder away game.

Huek is a defenseman and has scored nine goals to add to his astounding  record for this season. Hudek’s personal goals for his final season in the junior league include making it to the Thorne Cup and signing with a college team.  This journey has certainly led him to a win for both goals.


“I have really pushed myself this season to improve my skills in order to make it on to a college team” said Hudek.

A teams journey to the Thorne Cup means something different  for each team member.  For some it will be the highlight of their hockey career, the end of their journey but for others it is just a stepping stone for their hockey career.

When asked what the Thorne Cup means to him, Hudek replied “It means a lot, it is a victory on the whole season.”

As Hudek and his fellow Oklahoma City players make their way to the Thorne Cup in mid-April the pressure has never been higher. As the team continues to move forward Hudek has had some time to reflect on his last season with the WSHL.

“This season showed me that no matter how hard the battle is, if you fight through it as a team it will all work out” said Hudek.

While the traveling is fun, it can be hard to be away form home. One destination in particular made Hudek and his teammates feel at home while they were away from home.  This destination was Springfield, Missouri. (You can find this destination on the map located above.)

Hudek reflects; “While in Springfield we had a little bit of down time between games and it was really nice to go into a community and have the respect from the opposing team and their fans.”

When this season comes to an end Hudek shared he will miss just hanging out with this group of guys.  The team has become very close and think of themselves as one family unit.

This year the Thorne Cup will be hosted in El Paso, home of the Rhinos. The other teams will be the Ogden Mustangs,  Utah Outliers, Long Beach Bombers, Idaho IceCats and of course the Oklahoma City Blazers.  There will be a series of games in a round-robin style that starts on April 10 and will continue through April 12. The semifinals will begin April 13 and will conclude April 14 with the championship game.

As Travis Hudek and the Oklahoma City Blazers make their journey to the Thorne Cup you can cheer them on through the round-robin.  For those of you wanting to follow in his footsteps out of high school, here’s some advice.

“Work hard and make a goal.  Once you reach that goal make another until you are happy with what you have accomplished.” said Hudek.






Just Lambing Around

Unedited Audio

Edited Audio

Katie Lee

Lee Club Lambs – Facebook

Typically I don’t necessarily care to do audio interviews because I don’t like having an object in someone’s face, I think it can come off as rude however, for this experience I knew Katie Lee and so I didn’t have a hard time with it because she knew what the assignment was and what to be expecting. For this assignment I used my iPhone for the recording so I had her just hold my phone up to her mouth so I could get a clear audio recording of her voice.

The audio editing experience was difficult and time consuming. I have never done anything in audio so I felt like I had to keep going back to the power point that was provided and the lecture that we covered in class which took up a lot of my time. Another thing I struggled with was getting everything to sound smooth, in some spots you can’t tell where I edited words and in other spots you can. Overall I think it was a good learning opportunity and I wouldn’t say I’m proficient in Audacity but I know more now about it than I did at the beginning of the semester.

I think one thing that stood out to me about this assignment is how my two or three questions turned into a short two minute story about Lee Club Lambs. It was nice to ask my question and let Lee do all of the talking instead of having a dialogue or having to take notes of the things she was saying.

One thing I could have done differently was to have conducted the interview before spring break or during spring break, instead of the week it was due, mainly so I could have more time to mess with the audio in Audacity. Another thing I would have done differently is had the interview take place in a small room and not in my car, because during the interview I moved and my leg and hit my keys, while you’d think it wouldn’t be loud, you can definitely hear my keys jingle in the unedited audio.

I think in the future I could use audio recording for a variety of things. Specifically I think it will be helpful if I decide to go into the field of Public Relations because you are the person who deals with the public so I will be comfortable being the interviewee and also because in some instances you may need to be the one recording so I will feel comfortable in that aspect too. This assignment has opened up my comfort level in the sense that I’m more at ease when I’m put in a positon to be interviewed or to do the interviewing or anything involving recording.




Postcard Weekend!


My favorite part about going home for the weekend is seeing my puppy! So what better way to showcase one of the most familiar aspects of my life for my first photo. This is Knoxlee, she is a nine month old Labrador. This picture was taken on one of the weekends I went home and she always insists on sitting right next to me to watch TV.

For my second photo I ventured out of my comfort zone and went to a University of Northern Colorado women’s basketball game. While I know little about basketball, I know less about cheerleading. In the picture below is Janae Marcus, a Junior at UNC studying Athletic Training. Janae has been cheering for 10 years and she plans to continue to cheer until she finishes school. Cheerleading is a sport I know nothing about so it was fascinating to be able to sit down and talk with Janae after their halftime performance. This specific part of the assignment pushed me to explore different activities and I really enjoyed it. While watching the basketball game I notice several different aspects of the sport. The pictures I chose were a beginning part of the game (photo 3) just as the tip off was happening and the end of the game (photo 4) when the players line up and shake hands. I think both of these pictures show two different sides of the game.


In the picture on the left you can see the ref has thrown the ball into the air and both women are reaching for the basketball to have the upper hand to start the game. While the picture on the right shows the final act of the game, good sportsmanship. Both sides of the game are important and I think these two pictures show the beginning of the game and the end of the game quite well.

Just Keep Skiing!



Just Skiing Around!

With the 2018 winter Olympics underway, what an excellent time to spark interests into the skiing world. How exciting would it be to learn something new? Weather your interests are with downhill, Alpine or slaloms, there is an amazing place right here in Laramie, WY to learn about just that.

There is nothing more exciting than learning a new hobby and exploring history all at the same time. If you are an avid skier or trying it for the first time you will need a reliable place to find quality gear. West Gate Sports and Trading Post is a quaint little shop that can help you with all those needs and teach you a little history in the process.

Skiing is a sport enjoyed by all ages from toddlers to people well in their 80’s. If you have never skied it is an adventure, Lew at West Gates Sports and Trading Post has some stories for you on his adventures on how he learned and helping the ski community.

“I learned to ski in the Army, I used to do special ops and parachuting. We would parachute and take skis with us. I later got into civilian downhill skiing and I did a lot of skiing around Europe.” Lew states.

What is Skiing All About
Skiing is using a pair of long thin runners made of wood, plastic or metal to glide across the snow. The ski season typically starts mid-November after Thanksgiving and goes until Easter or beginning of April. The shops new owner Lew started as a hobby skier at a young age and it has now grown into his entire life.

Little historical fact; skis were in use by the Scandinavian farmers, hunters and warriors in the middle ages. By the 18th century, the Swedish Army trained and competed on skis. To explore more about the history of skis you can visit their site.


Westgate Sports and Trading Post Gondola                                                          


The shop

West Gates Sports and Trading Post opened in 1974 and Lew has been the owner for almost 4 years. Lew states he took the business over from a friend.

“Skiing was just a hobby, and a friend of mine owned this business and one day we started talking and he said he wanted someone he could trust to take over the business.” Said Lew.

The rest is history and now Lew has ambitions to grow the business into more than just a ski shop.

“I’m thinking in the future I’d like to turn the front part of the store into more of a retail part and do more than just skiing for offseason.” Said Lew.

Giving Back
Lew likes to help the local Laramie elementary schools with their skiing needs. Members of the school district frequent the ski shop during ski season to book class skiing trips in the Snowy Range Ski area. Giving back to the community and different organizations around town can be tough for a small family owned business but that doesn’t stop this business from doing what they can to give back.

What do you need to start Skiing?
For your first ski trip you will need to decide what type of skiing you are planning on doing. Alpine skiing is traveling over snow on skis typically downhill, this will requires a specific type of ski. Cross-country skiing will take you cross country with some hills but not to the extent of downhill, the skis are typically long and narrow for your trip across open country sides on level ground.

The Olympic Rings

You can learn more about the different types of skiing featured in the Olympics this year on their official Winter Olympic site.


Per Krista a long-time skier, skiing is the best winter activity. Not only do you get to feel the breeze on your face, but you also get to take in the beautiful scenery that comes with the great outdoors.

“I have been skiing for 20 years. Skiing is by far the best winter activity because you can enjoy the scenery, embrace the outdoors and partake in physical activity” says Krista.

When you decide to embark on this amazing new journey make sure to do your research. Check out our local Wyoming ski area at Snowy Range . Learn about the sport and pick up some ski rentals at our local West Gates Sports and Trading Post’s site.

And if skiing doesn’t seem like your thing. I hear drinking hot cocoa and watching the skiers come down the hill from lodge is also a very nice and relaxing day!

Post 1: A Whole New Ball Game

baseball-ball-swinging      After scrolling through several of previous students’ blogs I feel like I have a better understanding of this class and what will be expected. I am a visual learner so being able to see other blogs and how students have set things up helps me understand how to make the flow of my blog make sense and how to keep it organized.

I think this class has a lot to offer me, and I’m excited to learn new skills and improve skills that I already have. I’d like to think I have a pretty good handle on how social media works, but this blogging thing… it’s a whole new ball game but I’m ready to accept the challenge and learn the world of blogging and all it has to offer.

Up to this point in my life I’ve only had one blog and it was for a high school FFA breeding project. (Pinky Jane) I learned a lot from having that blog anything from how to add pictures to creating a thread. I think a majority of the skills I learned on my own can be applied in this class and potentially enhanced.

In this class I would like to expand out of my bubble and try new things, meet new people and experience new things. I’m into hockey so I wouldn’t mind interviewing and reporting in that field. However, I would enjoy looking into the study abroad program or some kind of outdoors programs that are offered through the University of Wyoming. Study abroad is something I would like to know more about because I enjoy traveling. I also think it would be interesting to report on a fraternity because I don’t understand them.

I’m generally pretty excited about this class and about all of the skills I can gain and the new contacts I can create not only with classmates but with individuals I could potentially be working with in the future